24/7 Crisis Pregnancy ONLY Hotline: 1-888-731-6601 or TEXT: 240-600-1106    PWNL after hours counselor: 1-888-955-3339    Other inquiries: 301-664-9664
Pregnancy Counseling Services
Confused and overwhelmed about options, including adoption? We can help. Our services are available to you anytime free-of-charge, free-of-pressure and always confidential.
Domestic Infant Adoption
Barker’s extensive experience in helping to create families through domestic adoption in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia dates back to 1945.
International Adoption
From direct programs in China, Colombia, India and South Korea, to local services for others, Barker is your passionate and committed ethical partner, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of international adoption.
Older Child Adoption From Foster Care
Our belief at Project Wait No Longer is that no child is ever too old to receive the unconditional love and guidance of a parent. We are seeking families in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.
Every child deserves a permanent and loving family.
We are advocates for ethical, respectful, child-centered adoption practices.

About The Barker Adoption Foundation

The Barker Adoption Foundation, a nonprofit adoption agency licensed in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, is built on the fundamental belief that all children deserve safe, loving, and permanent families. The Barker team is passionately dedicated to this vision, and offers comprehensive, ethical, child-centered adoption services and lifelong education and support for birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents.

To date Barker has placed more than 7,000 children into the welcoming arms of adoptive parents and provided counseling and related support services to more than 30,000 women and their families who are considering placing a child for adoption.

Events Calendar

Sep 1
7:00PM to 9:00PM
This discussion group is open to parents of adopted adolescents and teenagers. The group is facilitated by a Barker staff social worker.
Sep 2
6:30PM to 9:00PM
Agency staff will describe each of our adoption programs and answer questions about Adoption at Barker. You will also hear from a family who has completed the adoption process who will speak about their experiences and answer questions.
Sep 3
7:30PM to 9:00PM
This group focuses on issues including navigating communication with birth families, talking to children about these unique relationships and preparing for visits. The group is facilitated by a Barker staff social worker.

Support Ethical Adoption

Support Ethical AdoptionThe Barker Adoption Foundation is a nonprofit agency that relies heavily on generous donations from individuals and grants to provide the ethical adoption services it has grown known for over the past 70 years.  Your gift to The Barker Adoption Foundation can truly change lives. Please click below to join in our efforts to build and sustain healthy, loving families through adoption. 

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Children Are Waiting

After age 10, a child’s chances for adoption drop by 50%. At Barker, we are committed to finding loving families for older kids, and those with special needs. We place children from both U.S. Foster Care and waiting children from China.

China Waiting ChildrenProject Wait No Longer

Barker Spotlight

July 21, 2015

I am very excited that Barker’s Department of Family and Post-Adoption Services is introducing the Barker Book Club for 2015/2016!

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July 16, 2015

Our journey to Jianfeng would never have been possible without the efforts of so many people and organizations. He has been loved, prayed for, and cared about by everyone who has heard his name. Jianfeng’s adoption is not our story alone.

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Families Ready to Adopt

You Select the Adoptive Family for Your Baby

Our adoptive parents are thoroughly screened, prepared and excited to welcome a baby into their home through adoption.

Lacy and Tony 

Lacy and Tony - Families ready to adopt baby

We are Lacy and Tony, a Catholic couple who lives in Montgomery County, MD. We have been happily married for four wonderful years, and we can't wait to become parents. We spend most of our free time visiting with family and friends, but occasionally we squeeze in some other things, like traveling, hiking, rock climbing, reading, movies, and board games.We are both excited to become parents, but Lacy is most excited to read books with our child and to cuddle, and Tony is looking forward to being a part of our child's "first" experiences--first snowfall, first pizza, first trip to the zoo, etc.....

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