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a Safe, Permanent, and Loving Family.

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Children Are Waiting

After age 10, a child’s chances for adoption drop by 50%. At Barker, we are committed to finding loving families for older kids and those with special needs. Learn more about how you can build your family through one of our Waiting Children Adoption Programs.

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2022 Barker Annual Conference Series

Banner Barker 2022 Conf Series

If you are interested in issues of adoptee identity formation, race, and trauma, our 2022 Annual Conference has events that will be inspiring and helpful. This year, the Barker Annual Conference will be in a new format, with four 1/2 day sessions so that you can attend one, several, or all. Please join us for these informative and inspiring events that will help strengthen your family!


Together, with your support, we can continue creating a strong "Foundation for Families and Children." More than a third of Barker's annual operating budget comes in the form of gifts from individuals like you. We are grateful for your continued generosity in supporting lifelong services for birth parents, children, adoptive families, and adult adoptees.

Make an impact in the life of a waiting child and the adoption community at large by giving a one-time or monthly gift.

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